About me

I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 18 October, 1953. My birthday, coincidentally, was the same as my grandfather's.

I went through the usual years of school in Vancouver, first at Bayview Primary School, then at Kitsilano Secondary School, graduating in 1971.

After school, I then studied physics and astronomy at the University of British Columbia, graduating in 1975. I stayed on for an MSc at UBC, and then moved to the University of Toronto to do a PhD in physics, which I obtained in 1981. After a couple of years on a post-doctoral thingy in Toronto, I moved to Dundee, Scotland in 1984, where I've been ever since. See, life's not that complicated, really, is it?

I was a lecturer in mathematics and then computing at the University of Dundee from May 1984 until December 2008. The links for the courses I taught during my last year as a lecturer and some of the research papers and books I wrote over the years may be found under the Teaching and Research nodes in the tree on the left.

Now that I have entered the intellectual afterlife, I hope to pursue a variety of activities, including art, music (with the aim of expanding my repertoire on the piano beyond about 3 pieces), composition, languages and history. I'm not saying I'm any good at any of these things, but my aim is to develop them to the point where I, at least, can enjoy them.


I also plan to return to my first love, physics, and try to relearn a lot of what I knew about 30 years ago. I've run the PhysicsPages web site since the end of 2010. Here I post my notes and solutions to various topics in several textbooks.

Weather Station

I have maintained a weather station in Monifieth, Scotland since July 2003. Current readings and archives can be found on the weather station site