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When two Englishmen meet, their first talk is of the weather.
-- Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784)

I've kept informal weather records for a long time, but in 2003 I decided to go upmarket and get a weather station for my back yard. It keeps comprehensive records of most aspects of the weather, and provides an automatic upload to my web site every 15 minutes (when the computer is switched on, so there may be gaps of several hours between updates). Visit the station using the following link:

Monifieth weather station

Some useful weather links:

  • My own weather blog containing a few anecdotal comments about the local weather, along with ramblings on weather and climate in general.
  • metcheck for detailed forecasts of UK locations. Their site, however, is frequently broken, especially for weekly forecasts. 
  • UK Met Office for UK forecasts. Just don't bother with their long-range forecasts given their track record :)  
  • Weather Underground. A comprehensive resource giving massive worldwide almost real-time coverage of weather conditions, with contributions not only from official weather stations but also many thousands of private stations (including my own). Run by Jeff Masters and contains his blog which contains articles from a global-warming-believer viewpoint.
  • Watts Up With That is a blog run by American meteorologist Anthony Watts. It provides comprehensive climate news from a global-warming-skeptic viewpoint, and contains much useful, detailed scientific information.
  • Geoff Barton's weather station is the closest station to mine, and shows current Dundee weather from a location about 8 miles west of Monifieth.
  • And a complete list of things that are supposedly caused by global warming. Remember that most of these "findings" are funded by your taxes.

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